Microneedle RF Anti Aging System

Microneedle RF Anti Aging System

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Micro Needle RF Anti-aging System uses Ellisys Micro Needle RF Fractional, which stimulates the cell growth factor required for the regeneration of skin tissues. This high-frequency stimulator causes less pain and requires very less recovery time and is more effective than other existing fractional lasers. The system delivers high energy to the deep dermis directly. This new technology stimulates dermal coagulation and collagen to be stimulated for scars and wrinkles removal, and skin tightening. Micro Needle RF Anti-aging System is the only technique that can selectively treat targeted skin tissues while reducing the adverse effects on the surface of skin by using Micro needles.


  1. CE & KFDA approved, made in Korea
  2. Insulated micro-needle (25 pins)
  3. Non-insulated micro-needle (49 pins)
  4. Step motor system
  5. Optimized needle application range (7.8 * 7.8mm)
  6. Light weight hand probe / easy change of needle cap
  7. Sterilized needle cap provided for safety
  8. Reduce recovery time by using maximum Heat transfer in dermis
  9. High precision needle depth control (adjustable by 0.1 mm)
  10. Optimal micro-needle diameter to reduce pain (0.25 ~ 0.3ф)
  11. Almost no problem for pigmentation as compared to other laser treatment
  12. Minimum damage with high resistance on epidermis