Switched Ndyag Laser

Switched Ndyag Laser

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Switched Ndyag Laser 1 is based on modern LASER technology. Laser emitted by the system possesses strong penetration ability that permits it to touch the deep layer of dermis. Pigment particles found in the laser beam absorbs the light energy and explodes into the tiny pieces, thereby reduce the color density and get rid of it. This enables the appliance to effectively avoid mutant pigmentations and vascular tissue based on undamaged ambient tissue. The process is called selective heat absorption principle in the medical field. Being a reliable importer, wholesaler and supplier, we offer flawless range of Switched Ndyag Laser 1.


  • Portable and convenient for transportation
  • Remove pigmentation without side effects or scar
  • No injury to normal tissue


  • Dispel coffee spots, Birthmark, senile plaque, acne spot, etc., all kinds of pigment skin lesions
  • Specialized wipe out Eyebrow tattoos pigment, the pigment embroidered eyebrow, floating
  • Specialized wipe out red, brow and coffee tattoos
  • Pigmented skin lesions and mixed pigment of pigmentation